CDO Official Business Hours, Fees and Exchanges

Here are our official business hours (all hours PST – Pacific Standard Time USA):

Monday - 8AM to 4PM
Tuesday - 8AM to 4PM
Wednesday - 8AM to 4PM
Thursday - 8AM to 4PM
Friday - 8AM to 4PM
Saturday - 8AM to 12 (Noon) PM
Sunday - CLOSED

The current CDO TIME is:

Here are some notes about our business hours and your ordering:

There is a .35 fee added to each order. This is a transaction fee placed by our hosting company to cover the cost of an image download. This applies to any order whether it is .01 or 500.00 it doesn't mater how many tubes you order. This .35 is per order not per tube.

If you have bought a package that you have previously bought from CDO then please send in both receipts to Customer Help. You may exchange these for another package from that same artist only.

Lost tubes. We will only go back 6 months and it is .50 per tube to replace. PLEASE BACK UP. You can back up to rewritable disks or flash drives anything to make sure you keep your goodies safe. Once you back up just double check to make sure the files made it with no problems. It takes many hours to research your orders and to mail them all back to you. I can not stress enough to make sure you BACK UP!!!!!

If you place an order that requires manual filling (custom package orders or gift orders) or you have written to our Customer Service Department during business hours we will respond to you that day - even if we have to work a little after 4pm to get you answered.

If you place an order at 4:01pm PST and it requires manual filling then your order will be filled when we open at 8am the following morning.

If you write to us with an inquiry/question/concern after the close of business on any given day your email will be answered the following morning when we open.

If you place an order that requires manual filling after 12pm on Saturday we will fill your order when we open the following Monday at 8am.

All customer help issues are answered in the order they are received. If you email us just before we open the business day most likely we will not be getting to your email right after we open. The reason for this is because all through the night we have received inquiries that need our attention before you. Please be patient for our response.

We sincerely hope this information is helpful to you when it comes to providing the best customer service we know how to and we hope that this newsletter provide you with helpful information that, perhaps, you did not know about.

If you have any questions about CDO101 our customer help email address is

 As you all have seen CDO is doing a lot of changes to the site and changing the whole look!!!!
We are excited about the changes and we hope that you enjoy the features and look!!!
We want to show you some of the new things and how to navigate the new store.
One of the new features is the search menu! We got rid of the themed category and now just have the search menu.
You can type in keywords like steampunk, fairies, witches, Halloween, Christmas, etc... There will be a full list of keywords on the site once we are done keywording all of the tubes and kits.
You can even search by color, pink, blue, purple and again the list goes on. We are only a small way in on keywording all of the tubes.  This should be fully finished by the first of the year.
There are over 15,000 tubes we are having to keyword and this is taking some time.
Here is where you can find the search feature on the site.
Next feature is the expanding menu. You can click on an artist name and it will expand to show you what we have for that artist, Tube packages, Individual tubes, Bundle Packages (this is tubes with a matching kit all included),
Inspired by scrap kits (These are kits that are inspired by that artists piece of artwork) these kits can be used with any artwork. And the last is the Bonus IB kits which is matching IB kit for a bonus tube they might have.
Not all artists will have these 5 categories.
You can now view a sample of all the artists artwork.  Just click on CDO-Artists and this will show you a small sample of each of the artists we have. You can then click on the graphic to take you to their page!
On the left hand side once you expand CDO-Artists it will give you a full list of name.  If you click on one of the artists the new page will be a banner of their artwork.
Also buttons for what they have to offer (Tube Packages, Indi tubes etc...), You can click on those buttons to be taken to the page you are looking for!
Once on an artist page they have tubes on you will then see buttons for any links they might have such as a website, eBay store, Facebook etc... Also we now have their watermark on their page.
So you can click on watermark and it will download the zip file of the copyright information. Ever need to know if they have made any website changes?  Just click on the watermark button and it will always be the most up to date information for that artist!
Not all of the artists pages have been updated to this new format yet, we are only about 50 percent of the way in as of now.
Over time the bundle packages will no longer be on the tube package pages.  You will only be able to find those under the artists bundle kit pages. The store is a work in progress with a lot of things that need to be moved and changed.
Thank you all so much for your patience as we make these changes!!! We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel of the store!!!
If ever you have any questions please feel free to email into and we are more than happy to help!!!


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Monday through Friday - 8am to 4pm, Saturday - 8am to 12(noon)PM, Sunday -CLOSED(All Times MST)

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