CDO Frequent Buyer's Club (CFBC) Terms and Conditions

  1. Memberships are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. You may not transfer your membership to any other person without approval from CDO. All transfers are subject to review and will only be approved if absolutely necessary.

  2. Memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you sign up for the CDO Frequent Buyer's Club you are obligated to fulfill the term of your agreement. You may not cancel and receive a partial refund for the amount of time not used in your contract. You may cancel your membership at anytime however your benefits will continue until the agreement term is satisfied.

  3. Membership coupon savings codes are for individual use only and may not be shared for any reason. If you reveal your coupon code to any other person and it is used by anyone else other than you it will result in the termination of your Membership and the coupon code will be deactivated without refund. - KEEP YOUR PERSONAL COUPON CODE PRIVATE.

  4. Monthly and yearly memberships are recurring. You will be charged every month (year) according to your membership on the day of your initial signup unless you contact at least 48 hours prior to the date of your monthly or yearly renewal with your cancellation request.

  5. Membership costs are permanent. Membership fees will undoubtedly raise over time as more membership benefits are added. If you sign up for a yearly membership the membership fee you pay is permanent as long as you maintain your membership. If you cancel your contract at the end of your agreement and return at a later date you will lose your permanent membership cost privilege and will have to pay the cost it is when you return.

  6. Bonus EXCLUSIVE tubes will be emailed to the yearly's on the 3rd of every month. Monthly's will be emailed theirs once CDO receives payment for that months membership. (When you sign up for monthly you receive that months exclusive tube. In order to get the next months you have to do another months membership for that one) So if you sign up on May 20th you will receive Mays exclusive bonus tube. Even though your membership expires on June 20th you will not receive Junes exclusive until you renew another months membership.

  7. New Diamond Members will receive the bonus tube that is represented for the month they sign up. Once a month passes that particular month's bonus tubes will go away and not be offered.

  8. Contests for Diamond Club members are in no way biased. The winners are never predetermined.

  9. Diamond Member monthly bonus tubes will only be chosen from the CDO Custom Pack section. The contests will be judged by the group.

  10. All questions, inquiries, concerns, suggestions, complaints and requests need to be emailed to . Any emails sent to CDO's regular customer help email address will delay response to you.

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