Retired tubes from 2012 will all be permanently retired after 10pm PST April 30th 2017.
They will never be available again.

So for every $10 spent (after any discounts) on tubes in our store you can get 1 FREE 2012 retired tube!
If you are a Diamond Club member you can get 2 of the 2012 retired tubes for every $15 spent (after discounts) on tubes!

You can find all the 2012 retired tubes below.

Please note:
$10 spent is on tubes only - scrap kit sales are NOT included in this offer.
$10 spent can be on any artists tubes apart from retiring artists.
Sales from retiring artists are not included.
Gift Certificates can NOT be cashed in for bonus tubes.
Bonus tubes can NOT be gifted.
Diamond Club tubes are not included in this offer.

If you are buying a scrap bundle then only $5.00 counts towards the tubes spent. Example: You buy LHD-PinUpToons-190 and tube package PinUp Toons 191 both of these equal $5.00 each towards the bonus tubes.

You can order more than once during this promotion but each order counts as its own. Meaning you can not order 4 or 5 times and group the sum total for the bonus tube. Each order that qualifies you would cash in for a bonus tube. Money left over does not carry over towards another order for qualifying. So make sure if you are wanting a retired bonus tube you hit the $10.00 mark on that order to get the freebie.

Once you have ordered please forward your order to with your license number.

Please let us know what retired tube/tubes you would like.
We need the artist name, the month and the year.
Please do not send in the graphics to the bonus tubes you would like.
Please allow up to 48 hours to get your retired goodies!

This is not retro active.
This promotion starts 8am PST Tuesday 17th April and ends 10pm PST Sunday 30th April 2017.

Amy Brown February 2012

Amy Brown November 2012

Anna Liwanag Sept 2012

Anna Liwanag Oct 2012

Anna Liwanag Nov 2012

Anna Liwanag Dec 2012

Anna Marine March 2012

Anna Marine May 2012

Anna Marine June 2012

Anna Marine Sept 2012

Ash Evans October 2012

Caron Vinson May 2012

Caron Vinson July 2012

Caron Vinson Aug 2012

Caron Vinson Sept 2012

Caron Vinson Nov 2012

Caron Vinson Dec 2012

Cartoon Pink January 2012
Cartoon Pink February 2012

Cartoon Pink March 2012

Cartoon Pink April 2012

Cartoon Pink May 2012

Cartoon Pink June 2012

Cartoon Pink July 2012

Cartoon Pink Aug 2012

Cartoon Pink Sept 2012

Cartoon Pink Oct 2012

Cartoon Pink Nov 2012

    Cartoon Pink Dec 2012

Chrissy Clark February 2012

Chrissy Clark April 2012

Concetta Kilmer Sept 2012

Cuddly Rigor Mortis January 2012

Cuddly Rigor Mortis March 2012

Cuddly Rigor Mortis May 2012

Cuddly Rigor Mortis Aug 2012

Dean Yeagle July 2012

Delphine Demers Oct 2012

Enamorte Sept 2012

Enamorte Oct 2012

Enamorte Nov 2012

Enamorte Dec 2012

Jamie Kidd April 2012

Jasmine Becket-Griffith July 2012

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Sept 2012

Jennifer Janesko July 2012

Joan Pelaez Oct 2012

Joanne Schempp Feb 2012

Joanne Schempp March 2012

Joel Adams April 2012

Joel Adams July 2012

Jonathon Earl Bowser Jan 2012

Karen Middleton March/April 2012

Karen Middleton June 2012

Karen Middleton Oct 2012

Karen Middleton Dec 2012

Ken Morton February 2012

Ken Morton April 2012

Ken Morton Oct 2012

Ken Morton Dec 2012

Lorenzo Sperlonga Aug 2012

Marika June 2012

Marika Oct 2012

Marika #1 Dec 2012

Marika #2 Dec 2012

Maryline Cazenave Feb 2012

Maryline Cazenave Oct 2012

Maryline Cazenave Dec 2012

Melissa Dawn December 2012

Molly Harrison February 2012

PinUp Toons January 2012

PinUp Toons February 2012

PinUp Toons March 2012

PinUp Toons April 2012

PinUp Toons May 2012

PinUp Toons June 2012

PinUp Toons July 2012

PinUp Toons Aug 2012

PinUp Toons Sept 2012

PinUp Toons Oct 2012

PinUp Toons Nov 2012

PinUp Toons Dec 2012

Ted Hammond Oct 2012

Vinegar Oct 2012

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