With the Diamond Club you will receive one tube (Artist Of The Month) chosen by admin. This tube will be retired after being sent to Diamond Club members.

To see previous exclusive tubes given to Diamond Members click here

You will also get to choose one tube per month of your choice, your bonus tube, from the store to the value of $2. The only exception to the bonus tube is your bonus selections can not be from the new releases for that month. If you have a monthly membership you must renew your membership before requesting your bonus tube choice. It is your responsibility to know the date of your renewal and to email into the members box requesting your free tube. Once we receive your request we will also send you the AOTM tube.

There is also an IO group where you may join and it is exclusive. Members in this group are all Diamonds Club paid members. Many activities are planned for this group. Our recreation manager will be sending challenges, contests, and other fun stuff throughout the month.

You can earn diamonds by participating in challenges in the group, which in turn, you may cash in for tubes. You may also earn ten diamonds on your birthday. There will be one contest per month that is a random draw to pick the winner. You will also earn diamonds if you win the contest, BUT....you can earn diamonds just by entering too, even if you do not win.

These diamonds can be cashed in for tubes! 10 diamonds = 1 free tube and 25 = 3 free tubes. Collect and cash in 50 diamonds at one time and get an extra 3 tubes!

The biggest plus to the Diamond Club is the 20% discount you will receive off of each purchase over $5 wooooowhoooo!! AND.....when CDO has a sale you will receive an extra 10% off of the total sale on your purchase. This is especially lucrative if you purchase lots of tubes during your membership.

I hope that the above information has been of some help to you. There's a lot of fun stuff planned for the Diamond Club. If you have any more questions please email members@creativedesignoutlet.com

You can buy a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or yearly membership click here!!!

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