The following is Creative Design Outlet (CDO) Standard Terms of Use (TOU). These terms apply to all graphic hobbiests being signature tag makers, stationary and web set makers, website designers and Facebook or other social network users. You are required to read, understand and abide by these terms when using the digital artwork of any artists represented by CDO. You are advised that these terms are strictly enforced at all times by CDO, our Artists and our Attorney’s.

The Artists and Photographers represented by CDO reserve the right to amend any of these terms they so choose. Artists’ amendments can be found under “Artists Quick Reference” on their respective package pages and in our CDO Forum,under the Artists TOU heading. Standard Terms of Use and any Artists amendments are provided with your package orders as well.

Creative Design OutletStandard Terms of Use


1. No CDO Artist/Photographer image may exceed 72 dpi (dots per inch) or 504 ppi (pixels per inch).

2. No CDO Artist/Photographer image may exceed 7 inches (17.78 cm – 504 ppi ) on its longest side.

3. No CDO Artist/Photographer image, composition or product may be sold, bartered or used for profit or “break even” endeavors in any way OR used in association with any site "requiring" membership fees to join.

4. CDO WILL ALLOW your group or website to have a Donation Button AS LONG AS THE FOLLOW CONDITIONS ARE MET:

  1. A Donation may NOT be a "requirement" to join your group or access your site.

  2. No other digital image licensing company affiliate programs may be used in a group or on a site that has a donation button and is using CDO artwork.

  3. A CDO staff member must be allowed to join the group or access the website at all times.

  4. The Terms of Use must be clearly posted for your group members and strictly adhered to at all times. Failure to comply with any of the Standard TOU’s,  Artists Amendments or conditions set forth above will result in a request to remove the donation button from your group or site.*Note: Group owners and administrators do not have the sole responsibility of making sure that all group  members are following the CDO TOU's. This is why item (c) is listed above. The presence of a CDO staff member is required so that owners and administrators have assistance with helping members properly follow CDO TOU's.

5. All CDO Artist/ Photographer images and tube creations MUST be credited in the following manner:
©Artists / Photographer name,, ( your CDO license number )

  1. Your CDO license number MUST be clearly legible on all of your digital creations. This includes, but is not limited to tags, stationary, web sets, MySpace pages or other social network pages, personal websites, other website layouts or skins, banners and any other digital means of design.

  2. You MAY put tagged by_____ and your watermark on your creation however you MAY NOT put a copyright symbol next to your name.

  3. You MAY NOT place your personal website URL on your creation.

  4. You MUST place the Artist / Photographer URL on your creation.

  5. You MAY add group links along with all other necessary copyright information to the BOTTOM and or FOOTERS of stationary you create. No links ( with the exception of the artists link ) are allowed to be placed on or near the top of the stat where the "main design" is contained.

  6. You MAY add credit for scrap kits and backgrounds in the following manner: scrap kit by______ , render by_______ or background by_________.

Note: Some of our Artists have R or PG-13 rated material on their websites. URL’s to websites containing “Adult Content” are not allowed in some groups. CDO understands this therefore we do not require that you place an Artists’ URL   on a tag when your respective group does not allow it. Here is the alternative way to display your tags in the event a URL is not allowed:

©Artists / Photographer Name, (your CDO license number)

This alternative method is ONLY to be used in groups that do not allow "Adult Content" links to be displayed. The Artists URL should appear on all of your creations in ALL other instances especially in social network website pages.

Due to a change in terms by Facebook, timeline banners are not allowed to have URLs on them. So for timeline banners CDO does not require the URL of the artist on these graphics. You must make sure that the © Artist Name and your license number are very clearly shown and must NOT be covered up by the profile picture (the bottom left of the graphic).

Facebook Profile Pictures.  If they are under 200x200 there is no URL required. This is ONLY for Facebook profile pictures. You are still required to have the artists copyright and CDO license number. (© Artists Name  CDO-number)

The above outlined copyright display terms apply to ANY and ALL creations using CDO Artist / Photographers works. This includes, but is not limited to tags, stationary, web sets, Facebook or other social network pages, personal websites, other website layouts or skins, banners and any other digital means of design.

6. Group Banners MAY contain your group URL as long as all other copyright credits are present as outlined in term #5.

7. You MAY NOT alter the artwork or photography in anyway. You must use the image AS IT IS PROVIDED TO YOU BY CDO.

8. You MAY NOT tube CDO images yourself. Use only CDO approved tubes

9. You MAY NOT receive monetary compensation for tubes or images, tags, stationary or web sets of any artist with CDO.

10. You MAY NOT share tubes or images in anyway be it via email, disk, file sharing site or any other known methods of file sharing.

11. Desaturation of an artist tube is allowed. Desaturation means changing a color tube to black and white.

12. You MAY use “close-ups” IF they are available through CDO.

13. Full animation is allowed as long as the animation is respectful to the artist's work. If CDO deems the animation disrespectful to the artist or the artwork we will require that changes be made to the tag or it be removed from display on the internet.

14. Changing colors of any parts of tubes other than desaturating the entire tube is prohibited.

15. You MAY place small elements on images in order to “cover up” prohibited body parts. This is to allow for usage of rated R or PG-13 images in more modest groups.

16. You MAY NOT change any Artist / Photographer image to black and white and then colorize it again yourself.

17. You MAY take an EXISTING black and white Artist/ Photographer image and colorize it yourself.

18. You MAY NOT clothe CDO Rated R images. You may only use clothed Rated R images that are offered in PG rated packages through CDO.

19. You MAY NOT add your own embellishments such as hats, socks, shoes, stockings etc.that have not been provided as part of the original piece of artwork to you by CDO.

*Note: Exceptions are sometimes made for holiday occasions. Visit the CDO Forum for updates on this term.

20. You MAY NOT “mix” tubes from any other licensing company artists or free to use artists with CDO artists tubes in your creations.

21. You MAY use stock photography with CDO artists tubes in your creations as long as the stock photography does not require copyright (©) credits. If the stock photography (or the group you are in) requires a url (website) you must add that credit as follows: Photo courtesy of -or- photo by No copyright symbol allowed when crediting a stock photography website.

22. You MAY use your own personal photography with CDO Artists creations.

*Note: If you choose to use your own personal photography then you must display your creations in the following manner:

Artwork © Artists Name,, Your CDO license numberPhoto ©Your "Real" Name

23. You MAY combine CDO Artists with CDO Photographers. Here is how you MUST display your creation:

Artwork ©Artists Name,, Your CDO license number Photo ©Photographer Name,, Your CDO license number

24. You MAY create tutorials using CDO Artist / Photographer images however you MUST very clearly state on the tutorial page that the image you are using is for example only. Anyone wishing to use the same image in their own personal creation MUST have the proper license for that image. Also include: Artwork ©"Artist".  Please make sure you link to Creative Design Outlet when using a CDO artist in your tutorials.

25. You MAY give credit to a tutorial used for a signature tag on the tag itself in the following manner: tutorial:

26. CDO Artist / Photographer MAY NOT be used in ANY COMMERCIAL ENDEAVOR.

27. You MAY NOT create BLANKS tags, stationery (apart from sider borders) or web sets etc. There MUST be prominent text on your creations besides the required copyright information. Prominent text is ‘a name’ or ‘greeting word/phrase’ typed on your tag or web sets, etc. Examples of ‘greeting word/phrase: Good Morning, Hello, Thank You. If you use Wordart, you must also add the above described prominent text to your creations with the exception of Email Stationery and Desktop Wallpapers. You MAY use Wordart on your stationery header tags and desktop wallpapers without any prominent text. This exception is for email stationery ONLY.

28. Any stationery (stats) created featuring CDO Artists or Photographers MUST contain copyright credits in two places.

  1. By the actual artwork on the stat.
  2. In the credits at the bottom of the stat.

Full credits MUST include artists URL and license number.

29. You MAY NOT print any images, tubes or creations made from CDO Artists/ Photographers works. The digital art and photography provided by CDO is FOR ONLINE USE ONLY.

30. You MAY use the same artist from CILM that is now with CDO as long as the following is done on your tags.
You bought a PinUp Toons tube from CILM and have now bought one from CDO. You want to use both in the same tag. You would need to put both license numbers in that tag. Your CILM and CDO number. You may NOT however mix different artists with both license numbers.

31. You may NOT use CDO's artwork to make inspired by scrap kits, CDO has a design team that does that.
You may not take our watermarks from CDO and use them elsewhere.

32. No alphas can be made with CDO tubes.

33. Scrap kit designers: You can be 'inspired by' an artist tube and pick colors from anywhere! Pick a name for your scrap kit.
Example: Midnight Blues - This is fine to do!
If you want to make a tag with the tube that you picked the colors from. this is fine to do. You can say “Hey this is a new kit I made called Midnight Blues here’s a tag I made using my new kit and artwork of artists name” Then link the kit, link the tube.

What you can NOT do is advertise the kit as inspired by such and such artist. You can not name it by artists name.
This becomes a commercial gain by using the artists artwork and name (see #26).

34. With coloring pages you are free to print as many copies as you like. 
 No digital coloring – like filling with color in a graphics program such as PSP.
No selling finished pages as prints or other means of medium.
No posting of uncolored pages and no sharing of files.
You may post the colored page on social media, give credit to the artist just as you would with tube art but include “Colorist – your name” or “Colored by your name” and add your license number.
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